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Panorama Images taken with a

Hasselblad Xpan panorama image camera

Panorama images from around the world taken mainly with a Hasselblad xpan panorama camera with film format for 24x65 mm photos. All panoramas in this photo gallery are taken by Leif Karlsson and many of them during hiking adventures in the northern "Lapland" parts of Sweden. I try to make the most out of the panoramic views in my landscape photos. I mostly use fuji velvia in my xpan panorama camera. All images are scanned with a Canoscan fs4000 filmscanner the panoramic photos are scanned in overlaping halves and then handstitched to get a perfect result, all images are for sale including the panorama photos and can be delivered as papercopy or in digital tiff format. The panoram format of 24x65 mm let you view the image in the same way as you do when you looking at a view with both your eyes open.In other words panorama photos bring you closer to the nature enjoy! Alla panoramabilder och 35 mm bilder finns till försäljning i pappersformat upp till 300x810 mm eller digitalt i tiff format. Jag är inte ansluten till någon bildbyrå, så var vänlig och kontakta mig direkt via e-mail.

lk-Panorama hasselblad xpan panorama images

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panorama image

A typical lapplandic panorama image!